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About Us

Yankuang Beihai kaolin Co. Ltd belongs to Yankuang Group is the largest kaolin production enterprises.

Company is located in the Hepu County,Beihai City,Guangxi Province, a total investment of 2.4 billion Yuan, has proven kaolin, clay, quartz and other resources 4651.7 million tons, the kaolin resources with big reserves, buried shallow, deposit stability, easy industrial mining etc.

The company has the world's most advanced iron removal equipment imported from the United States - superconducting high gradient magnetic separator. China's largest automation beaten pulp and filtration equipment domestic original viscosity reduction equipment such as a series of advanced processing facilities is, has beaten pulp classification, magnetic separation except iron, chemical bleaching and stripping superfine, spray drying and strong flash drying etc. currently the most perfect processing technology, for the stable production of high quality products provides a solid guarantee.

Yankuang kaolin company with an annual output of about 1 million tons, widely used in ceramics, rubber, plastic, paint, petroleum, chemical, marine management and other industries. Get the consensus of the majority of users.

Company's products in Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and other major domestic market as well as Sri Lanka, Sweden, the United States, enjoys a good market reputation and high market share.

Company comprehensively promote scientific and technical work, production, sales, business development and other related scientific and technical problems to solve, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises, continue to enhance the scientific and technical level of the company, and to strengthen the management of scientific research and technology, promote strong corporation research work carried out.