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On the morning of April 5, deputy director of the State Administration of production safety supervision and Xue Jianguang, Han Hong deputy inspector, Guangxi Autonomous Region Bureau of work safety Lu Xiaoping, deputy director of the, vice mayor of Beihai City, Frankie Chan, Hepu Dong Sheng Chen, deputy magistrate of the county line to visit Yankuang Beihai kaolin Co., Ltd. research to guide the work.

In the kaolin mine, Xue Jianguang, deputy director of the company to listen to the chairman of the company, general manager Wang Feng on mine safety management work report. Subsequently inspected the mine slope and reclamation site. The safety management of kaolin to the implementation of the situation has given a high degree of evaluation and requirements in the mining and construction to ensure the safety of production.


Resource reserves have made major breakthroughs and sales of innovative high



The State Administration of safety supervision and management to Yankuang Beihai kaolin Co. Ltd. to inspect and guide the work

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