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In September 11, 2015,Ocean Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences visiting Yankuang Beihai kaolin Co., Ltd. To the enterprise scale, production capacity and our company kaolin products have a detailed understanding.

In September 19, 2015, Yankuang Beihai kaolin Co., Ltd. decided to cooperate with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Marine Research on the red tide control of modified clay projects and signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


In November 9, 2015, Clay products officially changed at Ocean Research Institute of Chinese commissioned production. The first batch of goods shipped to the Fangchenggang nuclear power plant for cooling water in the sea area of red tide control, the results were significant.

Because of our company's product management of red tide effect is remarkable, in March 2016 17 have received the Dayawan Shenzhen nuclear power plant and Yangjiang nuclear power plant cooperation invitation.


Resource reserves have made major breakthroughs and sales of innovative high



Application of kaolin in the field of red tide control

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