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Paint and Coatings Industry

Kaolin is used for filling in coatings because it has the characteristics of chemical inertia, draft coverage, ideal flow performance, low cost, white color, and reduced demand for expensive fuel. In addition, it has very good suspension performance. Kaolin of different particles is used in different types of coatings.

My company's products can replace the application of titanium dioxide in the field of water paint, paint and sealant. Due to its good light scattering performance, can provide a good cover performance, partly replace the expensive titanium dioxide, and reduce the cost of paint. On the other hand, because of its high whiteness, high dispersion and strong chemical inert, can adjust the coating gloss, improve the coating system storage stability, improve the paint coating, improve pigment of anti floating color and blur of and improve the durability of the coating.

Kaolin for Paint and Coatings Industry