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Rubber Plastics Industry

Kaolin in rubber industry to fill the role, it joined the latex mixture can improve the rubber properties, such as improve the mechanical strength of rubber products, increase its wear resistance and chemical stability, delay the hardening time of rubber. At the same time, the addition of kaolin can also reduce the cost of rubber.

Kaolin products produced by our company can improve the wear resistance of rubber and plastic products, and enhance the mechanical and physical properties such as tearing and twisting strength. Calcined kaolin by surface modification, greatly improving the insulating property of the products, improve the tensile force and polymer based miscible, good thermal stability, these features can improve the rubber tensile strength, wear resistance, tensile strength, resistance to folding, insulation resistance and aging resistance. Kaolin by calcining modified from hydrophilic to change to lipophilic and in plastic with kaolin as filler, can make the hardness of plastic products, whiteness, wear resistance, anti aging, folding and stretch degree performance is greatly improved, the product quality to the upgrading of the role.

Kaolin for Rubber Plastics Industry